• We offer group CrossFit classes, personal training, powerlifting and Olympic lifting classes tailored to both experienced and beginning athletes.
  • We are the ONLY CrossFit affiliate with on-site hydrostatic body fat testing (Dunk Tank) and also the ONLY hydrostatic body fat testing center in North Orange County.
  • Convenient class scheduling, workout progress and nutrition tracking with WODIFY software displayed on two 55″ energy saving LED screens. We track your fitness progress, rank you throughout the day on the daily workout according to your ability level and track and trace all your personal bests and daily nutrition. Nutrition tracking allows our staff to efficiently help guide you to your goals by helping you make good nutritional choices.
  • We offer classes throughout the day starting at 5AM and are open 7 days a week.
  • Having trouble achieving your fitness goals? CrossFit Riot offers professional nutrition counseling and goal setting to get you on your road to success and a healthier you!
  • Our newly remodeled 5,000 square foot facility is a fully equipped CrossFit facility with one restroom and two changing rooms. CrossFit Riot is equipped with a twenty foot Rogue Fitness Dirty South pull-up rig, a 34 foot Functional Training pull-up rig, three Rogue R-4 power cages with band pegs and chains for banded Westside Barbell style training. Our powerlifting/strongman section also includes a slater log, two 400lb tires, macebells, heavy sledge hammers, sandbags, dumbbells from 5-125lbs, and a wheel barrel. Plyo boxes ranging from 12-42″, 4 Rogue Glute Ham Developers (GHD) and 2 Rogue Reverse Hyper machines (which are the staple of Louie Simmons’ training program). We also have multiple push and pull sleds, kettlebells and slam balls weighing as much as 125lbs. CrossFit Riot is fully equipped for an advanced athlete looking for a new home or a stay at home mom trying to get back in shape.
  • Extremely convenient location in the heart of Brea right off Lambert Road.
  • We cap all of our classes at 20 athletes with a minimum of three coaches. This enables us to offer an extremely high quality program with a great athlete to coach ratio; no overcrowded classes here!
  • CrossFit Riot features a full retail store that carries brands such as: SFH , Kill Cliff, Pure Pharma, and Quest Bar.
  • We have nitrogen infused cold brew coffee on tap brewed by owner Derek Fay in a Toddy Commercial Brewer. The keg revolves monthly, our current batch has been named “Do you even lift brew” by one of our members.
  • We do have a black Labrador Retriever (Butters) that is very much a part of our gym.