Simply put, you need to be eating clean quality foods regardless of your fitness goals, keep it simple. This may be a no brainer for some but most need some guidance. It’s safe to assume that any company paying big bucks for big time advertising is selling you total garbage! We primarily see this on television for the new low fat fill in the blank, carb free whatever and all fast food. All of it is terrible for you and you shouldn’t be eating it. We recommend a diet made up of lean meats, green vegetables, good fats and just a little bit of fruit. You should avoid sugar, grain, wheat and for some even dairy at all costs. We’ve provided some links to information for you to research for yourself. These links to articles and videos will help to better explain why we recommend you eat this way. If you’re coming to us to get back in shape and lose a few lbs, it’s going to take hard work on your end both in the gym and reading online but most importantly, in the kitchen.

Step 1: Cut all liquid calories, sugars, and artificial sweeteners

First, we recommend cutting out all liquid calories, if it’s not water don’t drink it.  You’d be surprised how bad sodas, sports drinks, coffee creamer and most juices are for you.  Along with liquid calories, it’s time to cut out all sugar and artificial sweeteners. Here are a few links for you to read up on the negative effects of various liquid calories, sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Step 2: Cut foods made of grains and wheat

The next thing to go should be foods made of grains and wheat.  Both cause inflammation in the body and effect sleep, brain function and recovery from both muscle soreness and injuries.

The Grain Manifesto

Why Grains are Unhealthy

More Reasons to Avoid Wheat

Step 3: Cut out alcohol

Next on our list is alcohol.  Everything listed so far should be avoided and it’s up to you to prioritize and stay disciplined enough to follow through with your reasoning for being here.  Aside from the inherent risks of operating a vehicle and your general motor skills, here’s some information on the negative effects of alcohol on your fitness.

The Alcohol Manifesto

How Alcohol Effects Nutrition and Endurance

Alcohol and Athletes

Step 4: Start working out and eating healthy

If your eating habits need some improvement, start with cutting the liquid calories for your first week of Riot Fundamentals.  Once you have a week+ of consistency it’s time to start working on your food.

You probably know how true it is: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In light of the expectations and responsibilities we pack into every day, it couldn’t be more true of nutrition. Perhaps you already know how to plan and cook, but life is presently not accommodating your nutritional needs. Or maybe you’re terrible at cooking healthy food and want to learn how to cook to support your CrossFit addiction. Or maybe you just want to live healthily and productively beyond age 50.   Here are some websites we turn to for new recipes.

Our goal is to have everyone plan ahead and make their weekly meals the most healthy and sustainable way. You chose CrossFit as the most efficient form of training. Why wouldn’t you choose the most efficient fuel? We recommend that you prepare meals ahead of time for the week.  If you’re an on the go type of person that has a busy schedule and find yourself eating out more often then not we recommend choosing two cook nights per week.  You’ll need some plastic food containers, a lunch box/small cooler and some ice packs.  You’ll pre cook enough meat and veggies for 3 days twice per week.  You’ll pre sort your meals in the plastic food containers and that way you’ll always have clean quality food to eat throughout the day and will be less likely to hit the drive thru.  We’ve provided 3 websites above with 100′s of recipes for you to try.  Anyone can do this if you set aside an hour twice a week, we prefer Wednesday and Sunday nights. There it is, that simple!

If you’re regularly attending CrossFit, you’ll need to eat more then you probably think you do, for most thats 4-7 times daily.  We recommend a solid breakfast everyday made up of protein and fat.  This will look something like 2-4 eggs with the yolk with a few slices of turkey bacon or chicken sausage.  We like to start the day with fat and protein because our goal is to start getting away from carbs from grains.  Good fat stimulates your brain and will be your new energy source once the grains are flushed from your system.  This meal can be made at home in less than 10 minutes.  Continue with your liquids and breakfast throughout the rest of your Riot Fundamentals, the fun really begins once you graduate to regular classes.

Now that you have your liquids and your first meal of the day down it’s time to begin your meal preparation and add the rest of your meals throughout the day.  You’ve been learning about proper movement and nutrition for the last 4 weeks and should have seen a good change in your physique already, it’s time to step it up and see what CrossFit with legitimate nutrition can really do for you!